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Laurie Burruss, Education Innovation, Inc.

Evangelizing all things education and learning.

Consulting in education, advocating for academic initiatives, supporting innovation in teaching and learning solutions.

Providing an array of professional development and enterprise learning solutions across the organization.

Interaction Design

Over 24 years in digital media, interaction, and experience design for industry, organizations, and schools.

Innovation in Learning

Creating a practice in teaching and learning that fosters innovation, creativity, and exceeding expectations.

Engaging Storytelling

Using data & experiences to create compelling & interactive presentations that attendees won't forget.

Project Management

Solving problems and addressing challenges from small to large with design thinking across the organization.

Laurie is an agent for innovation.
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What Laurie’s Doing

A popular and sought-out speaker around the world, addressing:
    • Informal Professional Learning
    • The Power of Video & the Moving Image
    • Leadership & Talent Strategies to Drive Innovation
    • The Role of the Learner and the Facilitator
    • Teaching & Learning with, LinkedIn
    • Learning Technologies & New Tools
    • Learning Strategies
    • Project-based Learning
    • Design Thinking
    • Multimodal Literacy & Pedagogy
    • Learning Ecosystems
  • Customized topics per request

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Laurie provides guidance and management for learning within organizations. She provides comprehensive needs assessment at the initiation of a project with stakeholders to determine the scope and depth of the project; develops learning programs to support the organization's strategic plan and business objectives; analyzes performance gaps as needed for adopting training solutions or other resources; evaluates the effectiveness of the learning objectives to ensure the desired results are being achieved; works with leadership teams in implementing tools and resources to support organizational change management.


Laurie Burruss is a popular and sought-after speaker and is often committed well in advance. She is an experienced presenter and keynote speaker who simultaneous educates and engages. Audiences not only get the ``big picture`` - the research, the ideas, and theories - but leave with tangible actions and strategies. To secure Laurie for an event, please complete the contact form below.


Combining experience in the classroom with research in the field, Laurie shares her understanding of complex topics and the strategies that shift behavior, facilitate innovative practices, and ensure transformative results. She has created online training courses, provided learning solutions for organizations, and conducted hands-on and interactive workshops for all levels. Recently she conducted a design thinking workshop attended by staff, faculty, and administrators at Houston Community College to create an innovative entrepreneurship program.

Strategic Planning

Laurie aids organizations and schools in setting overall goals and then developing both a continuous process and an iterative plan for appraising the progress and the success of implementation through regular assessment. She views strategic planning as an organization's process of defining a strategy, developing a plan, while making decisions on allocating resources to achieve its vision.

Performance Coaching

As a performance coach and mentor, Laurie seeks to bring out the best in the client. She asks questions, poses challenges, and creates an actionable agenda with frequent touch points. Her style of guiding with purpose, searching for answers, giving critical feedback and completing goals brings success to both individual and team performance. She helps people ``exceed their expectations.``

Organizational Learning

With direct experiences at over 250 academic site visits, Laurie's ``sweet spot`` is addressing the process of creating, retaining, and transferring knowledge within an organization. Organizational learning is a function of experience within the culture as it attempts to stay competitive in an ever-changing environment. Laurie examines at all aspects: individual learning, group learning, organizational learning and inter-organizational learning.


From a “know-it-all” to “learn-it-all” organization.

Let’s Get In Touch


885 S. El Molino Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106


+01 626 485 3325


Contact Laurie

With over 30 years in higher education and 10+ years  in ed tech, Laurie maximizes the learning potential for the individual, the department, and the organization. She provides consulting and design thinking solutions guaranteed to transform the learning landscape. As a thought leader, innovator, and storyteller, she works at all levels of the organization, business, or school to provide transformative change in education.

Consulting in the following areas:

  • Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Speaking – Conferences, Workshops, Webcast, Podcasts
  • Storytelling – Effective Motivation and Engagement
  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Strategic Planning and Research
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Creating a Culture of Learning
  • Evaluating and Implementing Systems-wide Learning Solutions
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Online Video Learning
  • The Role of Failure in Innovation, Creativity, and Discovery
  • Design Thinking Across the Organization
  • Performance Coaching and Mentoring
  • Interaction, Usability, and  Experience Design

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